Gigi Slow Grow Lotion 8 Oz 0740

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GiGi's high quality formulas as well as the wide range of waxes, wax products, and waxing accessories have helped it earn an outstanding reputation in the industry. As a home waxing supplies provider, Gigi is the top brand and the first choice of professional beauticians.

GiGi Slow Grow Maintenance Lotion 8 oz 0740
Absorbs on contact
Greaseless formula
Inhibits keratization
Helps reduce hair growth
GiGi Slow Grow Maintenance Lotion is a fast absorbing lotion that inhibits keratination.
Used daily, GiGi Slow Grow Maintenance Lotion lotion retards hair growth while special mollients to smooth, soothe, condition and soften skin.
Helps to maintain youthful, healthy-looking skin.

After showering, towel dry.
Apply Slow Grow to desired areas.
Use daily to continue the skin conditioning, anti-keratinization process.

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